The Key Financial Figures feature is intended to help summarize for the financial professional a household's situation according to what's been documented on the Asset-Map report. Its intention is for the professional to familiarize themselves with the financial standing of their client for the purpose of setting goals and assessing opportunities prior to a meeting.

  1. Click the advisor name, upper right area
  2. Click Key Financial Figures to set global defaults

On the next page, select up to 5 important data points you'd like to see on a Household's dashboard at a glance. They will be the same five for each household.

Here's the view from a Household's dashboard with your top 5 displayed.  And there's more...

Click on the box title "KEY FINANCIAL FIGURES" to view ALL of the statistics for this household.

This feature helps make Asset-Map a stronger meeting preparation and practice management tool. Check them out and plan your approach with your client.

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