How to customize asset-map

Click the advisor name in the upper right area to open the platform menu.
Select User Preferences.
Chose from the menu on the left.

Contact Information

Some profile data appears on the cover page of your client's comprehensive report. You can customize your profile by adding a designation/title, address, and phone/fax number.

Profile Picture

Upload a professional photo. Photos can be in one of two file formats: JPG or PNG. Make sure it is under 2 MB. You picture appears at the top of the asset-map platform as well as on your Discovery tool pages.

Change your password

There are two methods to set a password. Change it here, or change it on the log-in page.


  1. Globally change default Member's genders and colors, 
  2. International settings
  3. Visibility of date of birth or age on an asset-map report
  4. Rounding values on an asset-map report to 10s, 100s, or 1000s, or no rounding
    (if you don't see this option, check with your team manager)

Grant support visibility

This permission allows the support team to help you with case reviews, adjust your settings, and troubleshooting.

Edit your system notifications

Asset-Map is set send you system notification emails and alerts using the notification icon (bell). You can tell asset-map which ones to send.

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