Riskalyze is "broken"

If you find you cannot synchronize with Riskalyze, try disabling and re-enabling your connection from within Asset-Map.  Select Integrations from the menu found by clicking your name in the upper right area.  Choose Riskalyze then Disable.  Enable it again by entering your Riskalyze username and password.

I don't see Riskalyze Scores on the Asset-Map

Click the toggle menu (View Menu on the right) and select the Riskalyze "On" switch at the bottom.

Not importing my client data from Riskalyze

A connection is enabled but when I search for a name, no results are given.

That's because Riskalyze will not import shared clients.  
Those with the shared icon cannot be imported into Asset-Map

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Re-syncing the Riskalyze integration is creating duplicate accounts 

This generally happens when you create new portfolio in Riskalyze rather than updating the current one. The accounts that were in the previous portfolio won't automatically get deleted or updated when you attempt to re-sync the integration in Asset-Map. 

To solve this you can refresh the integration you have between your investment planning software and Riskalyze by hitting the "Actions" then "Sync now" button on the current portfolio. This avoids creating a new portfolio, which will then duplicate the accounts in Asset-Map.

The same concept applies if you enter the investments into Riskalyze manually. Instead of creating a new portfolio, adjust what was in the current one. If you want to hang on to previous portfolios and their risk scores by duplicating the portfolio and updating the copy, you will have to manually delete the old accounts in Asset-Map before re-syncing the integration. 


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