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  • Make an asset-map in four steps (1 minute)
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  • Learn more integrating the asset-map process in your routine

Here is a one minute animation on how to create an Asset-Map:

  1. Click the red Add Household button or the "+" sign icon in the upper left area.
  2. Use the two-step household wizard to build the framework of the Asset-Map.
    (Step 1) Select the household type.  Click Next.
    (Step 2) Fill in the form. Click Save Household.

    Best Practice Tip - Make your own samples of Asset-Maps which are similar to your clients. Use them to introduce the Asset-Map process. Select Type "Sample" in this step.
  3. Choose Show Stencil to apply a group of pre-created financial tiles to the members using the stencil manager. This makes making an Asset-Map quick.
    Select from one of the stencils on the left menu and click Apply Stencil.
    Financial placeholders will appear on the Asset-Map, ready for you to edit.

    You can also choose to skip the stencil and start with a blank asset-map.
  4. Click a tile to edit it. Click Save Changes when you are finished. Three tabs allow you to add in-depth information: Essentials (requires information for the tile to be saved), Details tab, and Notes tab.

Use the Toggle Menu

Missing someone or something?  Add them!

Click View Menu to reveal your options, like adding Persons, Legal Entities, or a Financial (a Cash Flow, Asset, Liability, or Insurance). 

Click Hide Menu to tuck it away again.

From this menu you can also:
Apply a Stencil
Clear a stencil
Add an additional asset-map (Layout)
Hide or show household members at the top
Display the Legend for live presentations
Reveal tiles that have been hidden

Check out the Settings page under User Preferences to set your menu to hide or show upon clicking into an Asset-Map report.


If you need to add more household members (people), click here.
If you need to add a legal entity (an institution, charity, trust), click here.
Or, learn how to produce an electronic copy of the report (in PDF format): click here.

Suggestions on what to say in a meeting using an Asset-Map:
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